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PEAUR emerges from Hielo Beverages India Private Limited which is a reputed firm engaged in manufacturing the finest assortment of high-grade, Export Quality Natural Mineral Water, Natural Sparkling Water and Natural based Fruit Juice. We operate from our massive infrastructural units in Rishikesh, Dehradun & Jammu managed by the best technicians that help us in processing high quality products. We ensure that the products are of premium quality by maintaining extremely high quality standards coupled with aligning our manufacturing abilities to the International market guidelines and standards.

Our brand is more than our logo. We envisioned it keeping in mind the core element and relevance with the product that combines to create a distinctive look and feel that is immediately recognised as PEAUR.

Our Identity is all about demonstrating how Peaur is a touch point in people's lives. We strive to serve best, pure and healthy beverage to the world that will enhance quality living and uplift our way of healthy living .

Every second of every day people drink water, juice, energy drink and all other forms of healthy liquids. Its the essence of life. We at PEAUR bring you this elixir of life in its most natural and purest form, bottled from refined mineral rich spring waters, it is one of the most readily available form of healthy water that gives you more nutrition, more energy and more satisfaction. This helps us lead a healthy life, satisfy our cravings, recharge us to fight the battle of life and expand our horizons. As with Peaur, you’ll get more in every drop!


To be the leaders in our business and to bring to life the health and wealth of our patrons. We aim to achieve ‘Ideal Performance’, by providing healthy beverages; minimize our impact on the Mother Nature; reduce our operating costs and deliver a healthy & comprehensive workplace to our employees.


Our mission asserts our ideals as a company and serves as a benchmark against which we measure our deeds and judgements:

  • Providing premium quality beverages which can be the top choice for all generations
  • Utilizing our market knowledge to deliver breakthroughs in our range of products
  • Incorporating the highest standards of corporate culture in our relationships with our stakeholders
  • Setting a benchmark in sustainable development